Pakistan poll surprises for the wrong reasons

The results of a recent poll taken in Pakistan found that some 80% were hostile towards the USA. This surprises me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I’m amazed that your average ignorant bearded mullah in Pakistan actually knows what a “poll” is and was sufficiently articulate and literate enough to respond.

Secondly, you wouldn’t need to travel far in Pakistan to find anyone who was hostile towards the USA which begs the question, why bother polling in the first place? It’s no different to asking a turkey if it’s hostile towards Thanksgiving.

Thirdly, the institutionalised corruption and greedy bent politicians that infest Pakistan do far more damage to the country than any foreign policy. These same ignorant illiterate rednecks who burn the American flag, and I’ve no doubt that meddling US foreign policy is responsible for most of the world’s troubles, would be far better served by turning their ire and anger towards the likes of Zardari and his bunch of grasping crooked self-enriching tax-dodging thieves who are intent on robbing Pakistan and keeping it a third world state.


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