Jubilee celebrations begin for useless freeloading Queen

Saturday 2 June 2012 @ 3:30 pm

Celebrations have begun all across the UK to commemorate 60 years of the tax wasting, freeloading, scrounging Queen having been our head of state whilst getting richer into the bargain without having to do a single day of honest work.

God, I hate the bloody Windsor’s. Actually, I hate all so-called “royal” families the world over, especially those in the Middle East most of whom, by no coincidence, have very close ties to the UK. Consider the facts.

Liz was born into wealth, a German family hand-picked to lord it over the peasants in Britain whilst she and the rest of her equally chiselling family live off the electorate. It must be a tough gig never having to work, never worrying about money, spending your time waving at ignorant citizens, reading out bullshit speeches written by flunkies and having a never-ending supply of fawning servants to fulfil every whim.

Fact is that the “Queen” is a parasite who only started paying tax in recent years, she is about as necessary as a barbers shop on the steps of a guillotine and the sooner she goes, the better. There is absolutely no need for a “royal” family in modern Britain and it makes me sick to see all this bootlicking pomp and pageantry to celebrate the reign of someone who was simply born into a position. Cromwell had it absolutely right back in 1649 and you’ll find that, despite the best intentions of a largely sycophantic press that loves to report otherwise, the majority of people here in the UK would much rather Scrounging Liz and the rest of her freeloading family of pompous arrogant graspers are kicked out for good.

Never mind firing the cannons as a salute, fire the damn things at the useless leeching Windsor’s so we can be rid of them period.