Pakistan poll surprises for the wrong reasons

Saturday 30 June 2012 @ 12:17 pm

The results of a recent poll taken in Pakistan found that some 80% were hostile towards the USA. This surprises me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I’m amazed that your average ignorant bearded mullah in Pakistan actually knows what a “poll” is and was sufficiently articulate and literate enough to respond.

Secondly, you wouldn’t need to travel far in Pakistan to find anyone who was hostile towards the USA which begs the question, why bother polling in the first place? It’s no different to asking a turkey if it’s hostile towards Thanksgiving.

Thirdly, the institutionalised corruption and greedy bent politicians that infest Pakistan do far more damage to the country than any foreign policy. These same ignorant illiterate rednecks who burn the American flag, and I’ve no doubt that meddling US foreign policy is responsible for most of the world’s troubles, would be far better served by turning their ire and anger towards the likes of Zardari and his bunch of grasping crooked self-enriching tax-dodging thieves who are intent on robbing Pakistan and keeping it a third world state.


Ice Cream Wars

Thursday 7 June 2012 @ 5:15 pm

A turf war has erupted between ice cream vendors with rivals using their ice cream trucks as battering rams.

Police say the damage could run into hundreds and thousands.

West tries to frames Assad for Syrian massacres

Monday 4 June 2012 @ 2:35 pm

Don’t believe everything you read or hear in the Bilderberg controlled media. The atrocious massacres of women and children in the Houla region of Syria has nothing to do with President Assad and everything to do with US and Saudi backed insurgents who are being armed and encouraged to destabilise the country. Anyone who can’t see this is an ignorant blind fool as the evidence is blatantly obvious.

Firstly, a bit of history; the Middle East politics is dominated by the corrupt Saudi regime who is wedded to the Wahabi doctrine that is about as Islamic as pork rinds. This ideology was founded just a few hundred years ago and is a deviated version of Islam that bears little resemblance to the religion of the Prophet Mohammed. As a result, Saudi is always pushing an agenda divided firmly along sectarian lines to impose it’s own twisted ideology on the region. You need look no further than the bastard king of Bahrain, Hamid Khalifa, who has his nose so firmly up King Abdullah’s backside that he allowed the Saudi forces to enter Bahrain and massacre the civilians there.

Iran is the great rival to Saudi and the other major political force in the Gulf. However, unlike Saudi, Iran is a democratic country with a loyal, educated population who follow the Shia branch of Islam that is universally recognised as being the closest to the household of the Prophet Mohammed. More importantly and quite rightly, the Iranian rulers do not have a cosy relationship with the West, are hostile towards the terrorist state of Israel and have no intention to kowtow to the demands of Saudi Arabia.

Which leads us to Syria; Assad himself is from a Shia sect and has close ties with Iran whilst also keeping Saudi at arms length and maintaining hostilities with the conniving Jewish terrorist state. Hence, there is a concerted effort between Saudi and the US to get rid of Assad and install a puppet regime that will dance to the tune of the West.

So that’s the history, now let’s examine the Blatantly Obvious Evidence.

Leaving politics aside and from a logical perspective, why on earth would Assad want to massacre civilians, especially innocent women and children from his own sect, when the UN is due to visit and all eyes of the world press are on Syria? The president stands to gain absolutely nothing and would only further alienate Syria from the international community. And assuming that a Government sanctioned massacre did take place, why then would you allow the press to film and capture scenes of the dead bodies? The whole thing stinks to high heaven and bears all the hallmarks of a crude propaganda device engineered specially to implicate Assad.

The Bilderberg backed media claimed that Syrian armed forces were responsible for the massacre but again, the facts tell another story. Those men that had been murdered during the massacre were beheaded, a common method of punishment by the Saudi Government and Saudi backed groups such as Al Qaeda. The Syrian forces would never employ such crude methods of warfare and again, looking at it from a logical perspective, why go to all the risk of capturing the rebels when you could just shoot them from a distance?

Those survivors of the massacre have reported the gunmen as having long beards, something banned from the Syrian military but again, very common with among the uneducated country hicks of Saudi Arabia. Make no mistake, these rebels are nothing more than hired goons smuggled in to do the dirty work of the West supported with US and Saudi weapons.

Now lets look at the record of the US, a country that has repeatedly denied having a hand in foreign affairs yet has been repeatedly found to have backed opposition groups in other places with a mandate for US sanctioned murder. Look at the Gulf rulers whom the US has bought off to do their dirty work only for those same rulers to be later deposed; Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarek, Gadaffi and now Assad. Syria would make a very nice American base for US forces in the region and a strategically important base to support the terrorist state of Israel.

There is a financial interest at stake here too. Both Syria and Iran do not have controlled banks and do not allow foreign companies to take control over their assets. Saddam Hussein was an evil bastard for sure but what is not widely known is that he switched to trading oil from dollars to euros. The US of course could not have any of this and needs the flow of petrodollars to support their own lousy currency hence the invasion or Iraq. Gadaffi had a similar idea in wanting a gold backed currency so he too was gotten rid of.

The truth is that Assad is being set up and framed so he can be removed and Syria can be invaded under the auspices of the corrupt UN with the express aim of installing a puppet regime. The New World Order project continues; Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria to be closely followed by Lebanon and then on to Iran. It’s predictable and obvious yet the mainstream media will continue to just parrot the official line without any serious investigative reporting.

We are being lied to and hoodwinked and Syria is just the latest proof if any more were needed that we are being led into never-ending wars, a crusade dreamt up by the extremists in Washington and sold to the world in packages of lies and deceit dressed up as concern for human rights and the old favourite, democracy. These people have no belief in any sort of self determination, it’s all about power, resources and greed and Assad is just the latest victim.

Jubilee celebrations begin for useless freeloading Queen

Saturday 2 June 2012 @ 3:30 pm

Celebrations have begun all across the UK to commemorate 60 years of the tax wasting, freeloading, scrounging Queen having been our head of state whilst getting richer into the bargain without having to do a single day of honest work.

God, I hate the bloody Windsor’s. Actually, I hate all so-called “royal” families the world over, especially those in the Middle East most of whom, by no coincidence, have very close ties to the UK. Consider the facts.

Liz was born into wealth, a German family hand-picked to lord it over the peasants in Britain whilst she and the rest of her equally chiselling family live off the electorate. It must be a tough gig never having to work, never worrying about money, spending your time waving at ignorant citizens, reading out bullshit speeches written by flunkies and having a never-ending supply of fawning servants to fulfil every whim.

Fact is that the “Queen” is a parasite who only started paying tax in recent years, she is about as necessary as a barbers shop on the steps of a guillotine and the sooner she goes, the better. There is absolutely no need for a “royal” family in modern Britain and it makes me sick to see all this bootlicking pomp and pageantry to celebrate the reign of someone who was simply born into a position. Cromwell had it absolutely right back in 1649 and you’ll find that, despite the best intentions of a largely sycophantic press that loves to report otherwise, the majority of people here in the UK would much rather Scrounging Liz and the rest of her freeloading family of pompous arrogant graspers are kicked out for good.

Never mind firing the cannons as a salute, fire the damn things at the useless leeching Windsor’s so we can be rid of them period.