Random Annoyances: Adobe Software

What is it with Adobe that compels it to produce such rubbish software that’s always needlessly bloated? And why does Adobe think it’s some big shot company that deems it necessary to dump its shortcuts on the start menu without first creating a program group?

I’ve always hated Adobe for doing this; there are very, very few products that are actually useful enough to deserve a place on the start menu and Acrobat in any form sure as hell isn’t one of them. Even worse, whenever you install any of Adobe’s sub-optimal products, which is all of them, the ubiquitous Adobe ARM Manager is also installed that adds itself to your startup registry to check for updates.

Fortunately, this piece of crap is easily removed by editing the registry at [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run] and also deleting the entire contents of the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\ directory. For good measure, you might also want to switch off auto updates in any Adobe app to chop off its interfering bloaty fingers from meddling with your install.

The nonsense doesn’t stop just there though, take a look at the latest Adobe Reader X download, it’s over 50MB just for a PDF reader FFS! And when you do eventually download this grossly over engineered bloatware, don’t expect any seamless integration with your non-Chrome (which has built-in PDF support) browser. Opening any kind of PDF from a Web link frequently locks up the session meaning you have to kill the whole browser whilst if it does manage to struggle on, the download speeds are nearly always much slower than if you just downloaded the PDF offline in the first place.

As for Flash (is crap), I’ve grumbled over this plenty in the blog so let’s just say that it took Adobe far too long to wake up and admit that their own product has no future but that still didn’t stop them from coming up with their own sub-optimal (of course) HTML5 replacement.

So there you have it; Adobe, an arrogant useless software company full of itself, experts at writing sub-optimal software and who, all things considered, would do everyone a favour if they’d just sod off and die.


One Response to Random Annoyances: Adobe Software

  1. j7n says:

    Adobe generally sucks balls. They are indeed arrogant. I along with a few other people made posts on their forums regarding JPEG decoding quality when color subsampling has been used. They were “rejected” by Adobe moderators, who maintained that their product is working correctly.

    I suppose whether a program creates a directory in the start menu should depend on *how many shortcuts* it puts there. I hate when programs create a directory just to put one real shortcut, plus one for a license or similar BS, plus an Uninstall link (accessible from Control Panel, or the directory where the program is installed). The single useful shortcut should go directly under Programs.

    For PDF I use the horribly named, and impossible to correctly spell PDF-Xchange Viewer. It is not perfect, and its memory usage could be lower, but it is the best out there. Rendering quality (anti-aliasing) is better than Foxit. It also includes an optional plugin for browsers. Not that PDF, being designed for print, should be used on the Web in the first place.

    Flash is bloated beyond belief. Flash 10 – 5.5 MB, Flash 11 – 9 MB, Flash 13 – 16 MB! That is just the core NPSWF32.DLL plugin. I normally only copy that to the plugins directory of the web browser, and don’t run the installer, because of the updating services it adds to the system. Not that the perpetual updating is the life-saver it promises to be. Flash is just as insecure as it has been several versions ago. Flash 11 still works with most websites. When it stops working, I’ll swap the DLL with a later version easily.

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