Mini Movie Review: The Avengers (2012)

Sunday 29 April 2012 @ 11:32 pm

Called Avengers Assemble in the UK, this superhero movie pits Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and Captain America against Thor’s brother and nemesis Loki who is intent on enslaving the world. The film starts off with a mysterious energy source opening a portal to another universe through which Loki appears causing havoc and destruction before escaping with said energy source. Agency boss Nick Fury orders the mobilisation of the Avengers Initiative which brings together Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers and agent Natasha Romanoff who are tasked with finding Loki and thwarting his plans for using the energy source as a bargaining chip with an alien race to achieve world domination.

With Thor and Hawkeye completing the team, the Avengers race against time to stop the aliens invading Earth whilst also trying to recapture Loki and retrieve the energy source.

This is one cracking superhero movie and one of the very, very few where you actually leave the cinema thinking you truly got your money’s worth. Leaving aside the stellar ensemble cast and a sharp script that invites empathy from the audience as well as a few well timed giggles, this really does feel like a proper blockbuster and delivers 100%.

Director Joss Whedon successfully manages to harness the personality and interesting characterisations of all the main protagonists without any single one stealing the show or coming out top, a difficult feat when you have the charismatic Iron Man and, my personal favourite, the awesome power of a rampaging Hulk in one flick. It’s not just the individual superhero’s though, the friction between some of the Avengers and the way they interact is a joy to watch with snappy dialogue and sharp delivery.

Although The Avengers can be watched as a standalone movie, it helps if you’ve previously watched Thor and Captain America which both tie in neatly with the events at the beginning of this film. Regardless though, this is fantastic entertainment, a fantastic movie and an absolutely sure fire hit with a riveting final act that see’s the Avengers in full battle mode. Make sure you stay until after the end credits to see a short epilogue.

Is this the best superhero movie of all time? Quite possibly, yes and I can’t wait for the DVD.

Score: 5/5