Useless freeloading Queen invites blood spattered Bahrain king for Jubilee knees up

Monday 9 April 2012 @ 2:41 pm

If there’s one thing the UK could do without, apart from grasping parasitic MP’s, it’s the grasping parasitic so-called “Royals” who excel at looking after their own whilst dim witted peasants doff their caps and bow and scrape to the monarchy.

So no surprise then that sponging Queen Liz has invited corrupt Khalifa, the bloody king of Bahrain, over for tea and crumpets to celebrate her diamond jubilee. Yes, that’s 60 years of not having done an honest days work ever whilst living off the taxes collected from the peasants. And what better way to celebrate than invite some corrupt bastard from Bahrain just because “it’s very rude to leave anyone off the list”.

This is the same corrupt King Khalifa who has slaughtered innocent Bahrainis, banged them up in prison for no other reason than torture and collaborated with his Saudi overlord bitches to eradicate the majority Shia population. Whilst it’s perfectly fine to condemn the Syrians and mad bastard Gadaffi, when it comes to Bahrain, her Royal leechness can’t invite these same corrupt despots quick enough to fawn over the useless monarchy and offer jewels and expensive gifts.

Abolish the monarchy now, we want a republic!