Random Annoyances: Canary Wharf

London has its fair share of prime real estate locations for companies to choose from but few sites are as stupidly located as Canary Wharf.

Now the actual place itself is very nice; clean, modern, bustling, with tall buildings and a definite air of international business, a real rival to Wall Street and the City. The problem is not so much Canary Wharf itself but getting to the damn site which is woefully served by London’s feeble, decrepit and overpriced public transport service.

Whilst the DLR is reliable enough for those living in East London or south of the Thames, the sole option for anyone coming into London Bridge or Waterloo, or travelling in from North London, is the rubbish Jubilee Line that’s about as reliable as a Nigerian bank account. It’ll be even worse when hoard’s of tourists descend upon London in summer to watch the crappy Olympics that nobody wants.

Commercial rents in Canary Wharf are now comparable to the City but that hasn’t stopped the likes of Barclays, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and HSBC pitching their headquarters on the Isle of Dogs. As a result, these businesses have a much harder time recruiting than others that are more sensibly located in the City simply because nobody wants to spend a 2 hour commute fighting their way to Canary Cack, a rubbish location that appeals solely to the cast of The Only Way Is Essex.

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