Grinning iDiots queue early for iPad 3 launch

Monday 12 March 2012 @ 4:27 pm

With the announcement of the iPad 3 launch date in the UK, two grinning saddo iDiots have wasted no time in staking their claim to be first in the queue for the iSad 3.

So called Apple “fan” Zohaib and his best mate Ali have pitched two deckchairs outside the flagship Regent Street store a full 4 days before the official launch of the iSad 3. Of course, no brainwashed Apple lemming would contemplate queuing for the annual instalment of Apple Lifestyle Crap You Don’t Really Need without an exciting array of overpriced Apple products to keep them company and prove how cool they are as well as providing ample mugging opportunities for the enterprising hoodie.

And so it was left to Zohaib to show off his Mac Book and iPhone wearing the type of idiotic grin you’d usually find pasted on a Village iDiot. Apart from the fact that he’s clearly hoping to get a free goodie bag or iPad 3, it does raise the question as to why exactly would you spend 4 days on the London streets with an expensive array of consumer goods and a bundle of cash in your pocket, and then advertise the fact to all and sundry.

Fair enough, Zohaib has Asperger’s syndrome and is a serial queuer, well known to the Apple store, having been first in line for a number of other overpriced Apple launches whilst his father openly admits to being a fully paid up member of the Cult of Apple but for goodness sake, get a grip, show some dignity and stop embarrassing yourselves. There is absolutely no need to worship slavishly at the altar of consumerism and certainly not for some overpriced Apple kit that’s clearly designed to relieve gullible chav fools from their Job Seekers Allowance.