Random Annoyances: Scottish Money

You know the feeling, you pay for something using proper English money and are handed back some paper crap from one of the useless Scottish banks along with an assurance and smirk about it being legal tender.

Why? I mean for goodness sake, why? Seriously, which idiot thought it necessary for the Scots to have their own printed notes? Apart from the fact that most Scots are famously tight and would rather French kiss the Loch Ness Monster rather than spend actual money, there is absolutely no useful purpose to having a separate Scottish note alongside the widely recognised and accepted English Sterling pound.

And that’s the thing. Try to spend a Scottish note south of the border and you might as well be trying to pay for goods and services using a tartan napkin with IOU written on it. Very few retailers seem to accept Scottish money whilst the ones that do can’t wait to get rid of it to the next poor mug that requires change.

If you ever get handed one of these pointless pieces of paper that serves only to fuel the Scots ego, best thing is to hand it straight back and demand proper English currency.


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