Squatter scum make mockery of feeble UK laws

Thursday 19 January 2012 @ 11:28 am

There has been a spate of squatter scum, mainly Eastern Europeans, invading homes in East London over the last few months and as usual, Plod and the law have refused to do anything about it citing that it is a civil offence and needs to be pursued through the courts at the homeowner’s expense. This whole country is fuckin’ mad!

In the latest case, a couple who were days away from selling their house found a family of thieving sponging Moldovan bastards had forcibly broken into their home, changed the locks and then claimed squatters rights. Squatters Rights? SQUATTERS FUCKIN’ RIGHTS? I’ve never heard of such a load of utter crap in my life.

Plod were promptly called and they carefully inspected the house, spoke to the Moldovan scum ……. and then promptly left telling the homeowners there’s nothing they can do. This is despite breaking and entering being a criminal offence. In any other sane country, the worthless scum squatters would have been forcibly ejected onto the streets with their belongings chucked out, beaten up for good measure and then thrown onto the next plane to Moldova. Welcome to the UK where only the hardworking, honest, taxpaying, law abiding citizens are penalised.

But the mockery of the UK’s feeble laws doesn’t end there. In another case, an immigrant and Romanian Big Issue seller was quite rightly denied housing benefit only for some doddery senile shit-for-brains judge living in cloud cuckoo land to overturn the decision and order Bristol council to pay the scrounging parasite. Never mind the fact that the thieving gippo already claims £25k in benefits, can’t speak a word of English and has never paid into the system, why should she get a penny from the UK? She’s Romanian and is Bucharest’s problem not ours. This grasping leech should sod off back to Romania where she can claim all the benefits she wants from her own country.

Whenever you talk about UK laws, it’s inevitable that at some point the unelected European Court of Human Rights will rear its ugly, bulbous, corrupt head. And so it was earlier this week that the ECHR overruled British Law preventing a dangerous Al Qaeda terrorist from being deported off UK shores to Jordan because it would breach his “human rights”. Fuck his bloody human rights and get rid of him now!

Abu Qatada has a long history of terrorist activity and has been previously arrested abroad on terrorist charges several times. He arrived in the UK in 93 with a forged passport and wasted no time claiming asylum that, this being the UK, was promptly given. Since then, Qatada and his rotten family have taken full advantage of the UK’s lavish welfare package for illegal immigrants and lived a comfortable life claiming the full array of exciting taxpayer funded benefits. However, that hasn’t stopped him ranting and raving about poisonous western values and ideals or calling for the death of infidels and encouraging radicals to blow themselves up taking as many non-believers with them as they can.

Here’s a novel idea for you Qatada, if you hate it here so much, why the fuck don’t you and your breed fuck off back to Jordan?

Why is it that human rights seems to be a one-size-fits-all excuse to allow the world’s supply of immigrants, thieves, gippo’s, squatters, criminals, murderers, paedophiles, druggies, terrorists and other assorted scum to fester in the UK? No other country enforces the ECHR rulings as eagerly as Britain and it’s no wonder we are the laughing stock of the world when we have a legal system that, when not being trampled over by the ECHR, allows rubbish such as squatting to be legal. It seems that only the sane and sensible laws are allowed to be superseded by ECHR rulings, when it comes to crackpot acts that fail to criminalise squatting, the EU has no interest in the human rights of law abiding taxpayers.

Tony BLiar, that disgusting egotistical puffed up war criminal and his witch wife who greatly benefited from the implementation, often claims that the Human Rights Act of 1998 which came into force in 2000 was his finest achievement. No surprise then to see that the rot set in and the floodgates opened from 2000 when all manner of criminals started using this most destructive of acts to run rings around the law and avoid getting banged up or deported.

Don’t expect PM David Cameron to do anything about it soon either, despite his promises to abolish the act. This is the same David SCameron who gave a “cast iron” promise to hold a referendum on the EU if elected to office only to break said promise which is now rusting away quietly. Cameron’s promises mean absolutely nothing. As long as Dave the Cave is busy rogering limp liberal wimp Nick Clegg who is about as British as a paella, you can expect the Human Rights Act to stay firmly in place. Cameron is nothing more than Tony BLiar mk II and loves the ECHR along with all things European.

In the meantime, the UK can continue to be quite rightly laughed at, mocked, belittled, scorned, joked about and stared at in disbelief by other countries as we allow the squatters to take over our homes and terrorists to live on our shores claiming the full suite of taxpayer funded benefits.