BlackBerry finally gets an FM radio

Tuesday 10 January 2012 @ 9:13 am

The latest version of the BlackBerry OS has finally added an FM radio to the Curve 9360 and 9380 by enabling the existing hardware that had been buried in the handsets. Quite why RIM have not added a radio to previous BlackBerry’s is beyond me, they’re cheap to add, use minimal battery power and have been available for years on lesser mobiles. Plus, if you live in London, an FM radio is a great way of getting access to some decent music for free via the pirate radio stations instead of being forced to listen to all the commercial rubbish peddled by the likes of Radio 1 and Capital.

The new 7.1 upgrade also adds some more goodies in the shape of mobile hotspot functionality, BlackBerry Traffic and NFC (near field communication) that allows you to share files or BBM someone by just tapping another BlackBerry handset.

I’m the first to admit I like BlackBerry’s and this latest update is a much welcome shot in the arm for a company that seems to have lost it’s way recently. Stupid as it may sound, the one thing that was stopping me from ditching my ancient but supremely comprehensive Windows Mobile handset completely for a BlackBerry was the lack of an FM radio.

Question is whether to go for a BlackBerry now or wait for the QNX devices to start shipping later this year.