Magnificent London fireworks do us proud

Sunday 1 January 2012 @ 11:36 am

Well the New Year fireworks on the banks of the Thames were magnificent and so much better than previous offerings. Much of this was down to showcasing the useless Olympics that are to be held in 2012 with the express remit of bleeding the country’s already severely limited cash reserves bone dry. It’s a pretty grim state of affairs when the only reason to put on a great fireworks display is to herald the arrival of a corrupt, over-inflated, grossly expensive sporting event that nobody cares about or wants to watch.

Nevertheless, the London fireworks display was an excellent example of the UK putting on a real show. Hours earlier, I watched the pathetic attempt by Dubai to usher in the New Year and it was utter rubbish. A crowd of bewildered Indian immigrants and Bedouin twerps looking at the Burj Khalifa as a collection of cheap fireworks feebly exploded from the side with not so much as a whimper. Lord knows if there was supposed to be a theme or if they actually bothered to time the display with the music, it just seemed to be a random jumble of colours and lights put together by the village idiot living in Jumeirah (and there’s plenty to choose from).

In contrast, the London New Years fireworks had drama, awe, spectacle, excitement and plenty of thrills. In short, everything that the rubbish Olympics doesn’t.