Fascist EU deposes democratically elected leader

The bullying fascist EU cabal has deposed the democratically elected Greek Prime Minsiter George Papandreou after he confirmed plans to hold a referendum on EU membership that would have given Greek citizens a vote on whether or not to accept the latest rescue package, a deal that consigns Greece to years of hardship and severe cuts in public services as well as grinding unemployment.

Ignore the point that the lazy bastard bone idle Greeks brought this upon themselves by living outside their means and fully deserve everything they get, the fact is that no country should be dictated to by the bullyboy threats of the EU. The moment Brussels heard a Greek referendum was to be held, the jackbooted EU fascist fuckers swung into action and forced the Greek PM to resign in favour of grovelling toady and ex European Central Bank VP Lucas Papademos who promptly quashed any talks of a Greek referendum and hailed Fraulein Merkel as Mein Fuhrer. After all, the EU dictators sitting in their ivory towers can’t have the Euro breaking up and allow ordinary citizens to be given a voice in how their countries are run at any cost. And if that means rounding up the voters and sending them to the gas chambers then so be it.

The truth is that the only way Greece can save itself now is by exiting the shitty Euro and reverting back to a massively devalued Drachma. It will work but it will be painful. Either that or Greece should be prepared to sell off its islands to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, expect more elected leaders to be deposed and replaced by EU stooges and officials determined to prevent anyone from leaving the faltering parasitic disease ridden Euro.


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