Terrorist State of Israel prepares strike against Iran

The arrogant terrorist state of Israel has long regarded itself as above the law with a long and illustrious history of defying all UN resolutions ordering it to roll back its invading frontiers and cease building illegal settlements on Palestine land.

No surprise then to hear that shithead Prime Minister Benjamin Netan-fuck-you has been desperately pleading other leaders to support his half-baked plan to bomb Iran to hell and back in a pre-emptive strike before the Iranian nuclear facilities are capable of producing weapons.

Of course, with the terrorist state of Israel being the only regional power with nuclear missiles, Netan-fuck-you thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to prevent others from being able to defend themselves against a Jewish attack whilst the Zionists themselves are armed to the teeth with US taxpayer funded military weapons.

Given the disdain and sheer contempt that the terrorist state of Israel regards international law, it’s no surprise either that French President Nicolas Sarkozy was overhead telling Obama "Netanyahu, I can’t stand him. He’s a liar" to which Obama replied "You’re sick of him, but I have to deal with him every day".

And there you have the truth folks. Good on both Sarko and Obama for telling it how it is, quite frankly everyone has had enough of Netan-fuck-you, the Jewish Lobby and the terrorist state of Israel which continues to stick two fingers up at everyone whilst shooting unarmed Palestians.


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