Random Annoyances: Car Electric Seats

Saturday 5 November 2011 @ 12:05 pm

Is there anything more pointless than electric seats in cars? Answer is probably but few are as annoying. Consider the typical scenario when you get in a car and discover the seat has been moved. With ordinary mechanical seat adjustment levers, you could just release the ratchet and get comfy in a matter of seconds, quickly and easily with no fuss.

With electric seats however, you are forced to press a button and sit there like an idiot whilst the seat slowly crawls backwards or forwards. It makes you wonder just what kind of lazy ass bastard can’t be bothered to simply reach out and pull a lever instead of wasting 5 minutes changing their seat position by 5mm.

Besides the fact that electric seats are just too damn slow and cumbersome, let’s not forget the oversized motors fitted to these useless contraptions. Take an electric seat out of a car and you will be truly shocked by how heavy it is. So not only are you delayed by a stupidly slow electric motor that inches you into position but you are also spending more money and wasting more petrol lugging around the extra weight. And don’t think memory seats are any better either, these overpriced rip-off gadgets that move the seat to a predetermined setting are just as slow, if not slower because of all the additional fine adjustments that must be made.

Then there is the cost; when the motor conks out as it inevitably will a few weeks outside of the warranty, a repair or replacement doesn’t come cheap. You’d be better off ripping out the damn seat and just sitting in the back to drive the car.

In a world where cars are being increasingly sold with unnecessary and costly gadgets, electric seats should be the first to strike off from any options list.