Snivelling Sarko begs China for money

Friday 4 November 2011 @ 4:48 pm

With the despised and hated EU essentially bust and on the brink of collapse, it was left to pint sized tinpot French dictator Nicolas Sarkozy to crawl cap-in-hand to the Chinese and beg shamelessly for money without a shred of embarrassment. But then again, the French have never been embarrassed about anything, even if it involves running away at the first sign of a German invasion without bothering to put up a decent fight.

Being the logical and sensible investors that they are, China quite rightly told Sarko to sod off because they sure as hell weren’t about to blow their cash on bailing out the sham Euro. Good for China I say, they are putting their country’s financial interests first and foremost unlike the EU dictatorial junta that believes political union is above everything else.

It’s a measure of just how much the global balance of power has shifted from the West to China that the EU has to beg for cash and even more humiliating for Sarko and Angela Merkel that not only did China refuse to help but also criticised Europe as a bunch of lazy layabouts reliant on handouts and a welfare state that rewards bond idle feckless scroungers.

Sounds about right for the shitty undemocratic Euroland where any excuse to waste large amounts of money is gleefully embraced.