Traitorous turncoat Tory bastard Cameron refuses EU referendum

Monday 24 October 2011 @ 12:42 pm

If ever you wanted proof that David Cameron is nothing more than a gutless, lily livered, Euro-loving, brown-nosing, back-stabbing, traitorous, UK-hating, low down cowardly snivelling sack-o-shit Europhile, then it’s the fact that he has ordered, bullied, bribed and threatened Tory MP’s who plan to vote against the Government in today’s crucial Commons debate about whether UK voters are given a referendum to decide if Britain should be in or out of the EU.

With a snivelling display of arrogance and contempt for the UK electorate that further demonstrates how much Dave the Cave loves Europe and is in their pocket having long ago sold his soul to the charlatans, spivs and scammers in Brussels, spineless Cameron claims that now is not the right time to hold a referendum on Britain’s future with Europe.

You treacherous dumb fuckin’ bastard Cameron, now is EXACTLY the right time to hold such a referendum given the mess that the Euro is in, the UK pays far more than we get out and leaving the EU would immediately save 4 billion at a stroke. Actually, the right time for a referendum was decades ago but successive Tory and Labour Governments have refused to give the UK electorate what they demand for fear of losing their well paid cushy jobs lined up in the EU after they’re booted out of Parliament.

Therefore, it’s no surprise to see that fuckwit "Deputy" PM and Brown Nose Europhile Uno Nick Clegg has ordered his ragtag motley collection of preening scumbag Lib Dumbs to vote against holding a referendum. Meanwhile, gormless dickhead Labour leader Ed Miliband has also ordered his Labour filth to vote against such a move. With all three parties insisting on a 3-line whip that amounts to holding a gun at an MP’s head and forcing them to comply with their Glorious Leader’s demands, it has been left to a minority of circa 80 MP’s, mainly Tory, determined to vote against the Government.

The whole Commons debate was triggered by a petition signed by nearly half a million voters demanding a referendum be held. For 600 odd tax fiddling shithead MP’s to defy such a call is scandalous. Even more galling is the way that turncoat bastard Cameron has bought off previously staunch Eurosceptic MP’s like William Hague. This smirking Europhile defector has repeatedly criticised the EU whilst in opposition as Tory leader. All that changed however once the back stabbing two-timer got his feet cosy under the Foreign Office desk and bowed down to his EU masters who no doubt paid him off with the promise of a lucrative job in Brussels once he’s kicked out of office. Time and time again we see these lousy useless conniving rat MP’s say one thing in opposition and then do the exact opposite once they’ve been voted in on the premise of that policy.

And it’s ironic that whilst EU loving bastard Cameron crows about the capture and subsequent good riddance of Mad Bastard Gaddafi the dictator, the PM is acting wholly like a dictator himself forcing MP’s to vote the way the Government wants and denying the British Public the referendum they demand. The Government is supposed to work for the people not against it and it certainly shouldn’t be selling us out to a federal Europe intent on forcing its crackpot fiscal and immigration schemes on us, designed solely for robbing the UK of its wealth. This generation has never had a vote on whether we wanna be part of the EU shit and Cameron knows this and refuses to give us the vote because he knows we’d tell Europe to sod off.

Cameron can’t seem to get it through his stupid thick Tory head that Europe despises the UK as much as we despise them and Brussels just sees us as a cash machine to prop up all the tinpot basket case economies. Scameron wants to strut on the Euro stage like a big shot whilst masquerading as a traditional Euro-sceptic Tory when everyone knows and can clearly see he’s about as Euro-sceptic as Ken Clarke or Ed Heath.

This is an opportunity for the UK voter to have their say on Europe once and for all and Cameron and his EU bought cronies are denying it. Worse still, with the PM hell-bent on bribing the rebels with lucrative Government posts, there’s every chance that the 80 odd Eurosceptic MP’s will actually end up changing their mind and be reduced to just a handful of protest votes that count for nothing. After all, given the track record of fiddling expenses and wholesale theft from the taxpayer you can’t really expect any MP to have scruples, morals, honour, dignity and to work for the best interests of their constituents.

And don’t EVER expect bastard David Cameron to stand up for Britain’s interests first and foremost. He is no better than Bliar or Brown or even Nick Clegg and underneath that shiny pretend-Tory mask, he is determined to wreck Britain for good and ensure we remain part of the EU wasteland.