Traveller scum finally evicted

The Dale Farm pikey scum have finally been kicked out as the last of the protesters were led away, ideally clapped in chains so they can be chucked in jail and taught a lesson.

What I don’t get is why the so-called protesters largely comprised a bunch of good-for-nothing lazy bastard layabouts, no doubt on benefits, with nothing better to do than chain themselves to fences and put their limbs in concrete. Predictably, these losers whined about the riot police coming down hard on them but what the fuck did they expect? They go to Dale Farm to cause a nuisance and obstruct the law, without any good reason, and then moan about getting bashed around a bit.

I for one fully applaud the riot police, especially the front line officers who wasted no time in Tasering the rabble. And as for the rest of the dickhead student anarchist ragtag rent-a-mob, let ’em stay chained up to fences with their scrawny unwashed necks ready to snap if any gates are opened. Nobody cares and they certainly won’t be missed whilst it’ll also have the added advantage of reducing the dole queues and benefits scroungers by a few dozen more people.

Better still, what the Rozzer’s could have done is just turn the water cannon on the mob, give them a good dosing of cold water and attach a few more chains so they don’t go anywhere. It was a nice chilly night and the so-called protesters would soon be wanting to sod off to whichever rock they crawled out from once they realise they’re gonna be freezing cold and hungry for hours on end. Make no mistake, these weekend activists mostly hail from wealthy families and large deatched houses so they are in no mood for a fight once the going gets tough.  Most are just a bunch of dossing trouble-makers begging for a damn good thrashing.

Take the example of the fuckwit who climbed up a telegraph pole and shouted "I’m prepared to die here. If someone tries to get me down, I’ll electrocute myself."

Fine by me boyo, you stay up that fuckin’ telegraph pole and don’t come down, the cops won’t be taking any notice of you either.

Then there’s the benefits scrounging parasite who calls herself Minty Challis who wasted no time in waving a crucifix in front of a burning caravan (set alight by the anarchists of course) as the riot police stormed the illegal camp. If St Minty thought masquarading as Joan of Arc would set up the ideal photo opportunity to elicit any sympathy from anyone, she’s even more stupid than the dickhead perched on top of the telegraph pole.

And let’s not forget the pikey scum travellers themselves in all of this who have occupied an illegal camp for several years causing untold misery, mess and disruption to countless other numbers of honest, hard-working, law abiding tax-payers in and around the area as well as costing the council millions. Here’s a an idea for you all; you’re called travellers for a reason so fuck off and do some travelling, preferably over the side of a cliff. As for the caravan that had "Lady with difficult breathing" painted on it, well simple remedy here, piss off back to Ireland and enjoy the clean fresh air there.

The riot police did a magnificent job and are to be fully applauded in clearing out this illegal encampment of pikey’s, gippo’s, squatters, scroungers and wasters. Well done lads and don’t forget to seize and crush all the shiny new uninsured and untaxed cars whilst you’re at it.


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