Spineless Government throws McKinnon to the wolves

The UK Government has a long and illustrious history of sticking its soiled tongue as far up the backside of the US as possible and enjoys being the willing bitch of any brainless gung-ho Yankee demands, no matter how damaging they are to UK passport holders.

Gary McKinnon managed to hack into NASA computers whilst searching for evidence of UFO’s and the US has repeatedly pressed for his extradition to America where he will no doubt be made an example of and banged up for decades after a rigged trial. Scandalously, the UK government has been more than happy to throw McKinnon to the US wolves and in a show of supreme cowardice, has fully entertained the one-sided extradition treaty signed between Britain and America that gives far more rights and protection to US citizens by allowing the US to demand the extradition of a UK citizen without any evidence whereas for US citizens, the UK most prove that a crime has been committed.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven of a cosy stitch-up between the Blair, Brown and Cameron governments with not one of them prepared to refuse extradition under fear of upsetting their US masters. Whilst America has repeatedly refused to extradite hardened IRA killers and murderers, even going as far as to offer them US citizenship, the UK has no such problems with bending over, removing its pants and getting ready for a damn good buggering if that’s what the US demands.

Even more scandalously, it has left Deputy Dickhead himself Nick Clegg looking even more pathetic than he usually does after he attended a rally in 2009 promising to do whatever he could to halt the extradition. Then again however, this is the same Lib Dem leader who has made more u-turns than a paperclip depot.

The fact is that whilst McKinnon might have bruised a few egos, he certainly hasn’t hurt anyone, nor caused any lasting damage yet he is being treated as if he planned to blow up the White House. And how come the pernicious Human Rights Act, that useless piece-o-shit legislation that the UK is all too eager to ratify for ensuring immigrants, murderers and asylum seekers can’t be deported, has not been used to protect McKinnon?

Contrast that with the case of the odious hook-handed so-called "cleric" Abu Hamza who has used the Human Rights Act to successfully fight deportation to the US for several years. No surprise that the UK government won’t get rid of this useless parasite or the countless other numbers of grasping asylum seekers desperate to stay in the country whilst with McKinnon, presumably because he’s not an immigrant or foreign and thus expendable, the likes of Cameron and Clegg can’t wait to ship him off to America.


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