320×320 QVGA games for Samsung Omnia Pro B7330

Wednesday 5 October 2011 @ 1:34 pm

Despite Microsoft having abandoned their ancient yet wonderfully flexible smartphone platform for the pile of social media obsessed junk that is Windows Phone 7, there are still plenty of stellar Windows Mobile handsets available.

One of the more unique ones is the Samsung Omnia Pro B7330 running Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard which not only happens to be one of the very last handsets made for the platform but also pretty much the finest Windows Mobile smartphone of them all, reason being that it’s the only one ever made that has a 320×320 square resolution.

This is great for messages and Internet browsing as well as menu’s and grids where the extra screen estate comes in handy for showing more items. However, it does also mean that not all games will work full screen given that the standard screen size for Windows Mobile Standard is QVGA portrait (240×320) or landscape (320×240).

Some QVGA landscape games work fine with an ugly black border at the bottom of the screen covering the extra space whilst a few portrait games also work well although they tend to shoved over to the left side in a window so the display behind is visible.

Surprisingly though, I’ve found a healthy number of games that work flawlessly in full screen so you get to see everything in glorious 320×320 resolution. Here’s the list which also includes games that work in QVGA portrait or landscape mode centred with borders but without running in a window or messing up the display.

Age of Empires III
Arvale Journey of Illusion
Astraware Bejeweled 2
Astraware Casino
Astraware GTS World Racing
Astraware Hexic
Astraware Insaniquarium Deluxe
Astraware Mozaki
Astraware My Little Tank
Astraware Platypus
Atomic Cannon
Civilization IV
Dance Dance Revolution
Dungeon & Hero
EA Mobile Need For Speed Undercover
Handmark Games Tetris
Hexxagon Labs (controls are inversed)
Momentium Games Pocket Mini Golf 2
Namco Pacman
OmniGSoft Volcano Island
Resco Defender
Tetris Pop
Traffic Jam 2
Virtual Pool Mobile
Wimbledon 2009
Worms 2008 A Space Oddity