Pathetic Iain Duncan Smith threatens resignation after kowtowing to EU demands

Wednesday 26 October 2011 @ 11:20 am

Work and Pensions secretary (and former Tory leader) Iain Duncan Smith has reportedly threatened to quit the Cabinet if he is ever again forced into a whipped vote over Europe. Here’s another turncoat Tory crook who pretends to be a Eurosceptic in favour of Britain’s interests, yet when it comes to the crunch, will not hesitate to betray his constituents, political beliefs, morals and scruples to curry favour with EU rats.

This pathetic fool can’t ever be trusted again represent the political views of the voters, the majority of which have been demanding a referendum over the EU cesspit for years.


Swindling Tory bastard Cameron rams through EU Referendum refusal

Tuesday 25 October 2011 @ 11:11 am

As expected, our treacherous useless Prime Minister managed to bribe a large majority of the self-enriching scum Tory turncoats who were more interested in their careers and how much money the they can earn at the Brussels trough than in serving their constituents interests.

With both the Labour and Lib Dumb scum also joining David SHAMeron in his blatant attempt to destroy democracy, the vote on whether to have an EU referendum was soundly thrown out by the House of Conmen.  This was despite over 80 Tory MP’s (with a further 20+ MP’s across other parties) defying the party whip and voting against Dictator Dave, the largest Tory rebellion against the EU in history.

Not that it will make a blind bit of difference whilst Cameron enjoys being Nick Clegg’s willing bitch.

Traitorous turncoat Tory bastard Cameron refuses EU referendum

Monday 24 October 2011 @ 12:42 pm

If ever you wanted proof that David Cameron is nothing more than a gutless, lily livered, Euro-loving, brown-nosing, back-stabbing, traitorous, UK-hating, low down cowardly snivelling sack-o-shit Europhile, then it’s the fact that he has ordered, bullied, bribed and threatened Tory MP’s who plan to vote against the Government in today’s crucial Commons debate about whether UK voters are given a referendum to decide if Britain should be in or out of the EU.

With a snivelling display of arrogance and contempt for the UK electorate that further demonstrates how much Dave the Cave loves Europe and is in their pocket having long ago sold his soul to the charlatans, spivs and scammers in Brussels, spineless Cameron claims that now is not the right time to hold a referendum on Britain’s future with Europe.

You treacherous dumb fuckin’ bastard Cameron, now is EXACTLY the right time to hold such a referendum given the mess that the Euro is in, the UK pays far more than we get out and leaving the EU would immediately save 4 billion at a stroke. Actually, the right time for a referendum was decades ago but successive Tory and Labour Governments have refused to give the UK electorate what they demand for fear of losing their well paid cushy jobs lined up in the EU after they’re booted out of Parliament.

Therefore, it’s no surprise to see that fuckwit "Deputy" PM and Brown Nose Europhile Uno Nick Clegg has ordered his ragtag motley collection of preening scumbag Lib Dumbs to vote against holding a referendum. Meanwhile, gormless dickhead Labour leader Ed Miliband has also ordered his Labour filth to vote against such a move. With all three parties insisting on a 3-line whip that amounts to holding a gun at an MP’s head and forcing them to comply with their Glorious Leader’s demands, it has been left to a minority of circa 80 MP’s, mainly Tory, determined to vote against the Government.

The whole Commons debate was triggered by a petition signed by nearly half a million voters demanding a referendum be held. For 600 odd tax fiddling shithead MP’s to defy such a call is scandalous. Even more galling is the way that turncoat bastard Cameron has bought off previously staunch Eurosceptic MP’s like William Hague. This smirking Europhile defector has repeatedly criticised the EU whilst in opposition as Tory leader. All that changed however once the back stabbing two-timer got his feet cosy under the Foreign Office desk and bowed down to his EU masters who no doubt paid him off with the promise of a lucrative job in Brussels once he’s kicked out of office. Time and time again we see these lousy useless conniving rat MP’s say one thing in opposition and then do the exact opposite once they’ve been voted in on the premise of that policy.

And it’s ironic that whilst EU loving bastard Cameron crows about the capture and subsequent good riddance of Mad Bastard Gaddafi the dictator, the PM is acting wholly like a dictator himself forcing MP’s to vote the way the Government wants and denying the British Public the referendum they demand. The Government is supposed to work for the people not against it and it certainly shouldn’t be selling us out to a federal Europe intent on forcing its crackpot fiscal and immigration schemes on us, designed solely for robbing the UK of its wealth. This generation has never had a vote on whether we wanna be part of the EU shit and Cameron knows this and refuses to give us the vote because he knows we’d tell Europe to sod off.

Cameron can’t seem to get it through his stupid thick Tory head that Europe despises the UK as much as we despise them and Brussels just sees us as a cash machine to prop up all the tinpot basket case economies. Scameron wants to strut on the Euro stage like a big shot whilst masquerading as a traditional Euro-sceptic Tory when everyone knows and can clearly see he’s about as Euro-sceptic as Ken Clarke or Ed Heath.

This is an opportunity for the UK voter to have their say on Europe once and for all and Cameron and his EU bought cronies are denying it. Worse still, with the PM hell-bent on bribing the rebels with lucrative Government posts, there’s every chance that the 80 odd Eurosceptic MP’s will actually end up changing their mind and be reduced to just a handful of protest votes that count for nothing. After all, given the track record of fiddling expenses and wholesale theft from the taxpayer you can’t really expect any MP to have scruples, morals, honour, dignity and to work for the best interests of their constituents.

And don’t EVER expect bastard David Cameron to stand up for Britain’s interests first and foremost. He is no better than Bliar or Brown or even Nick Clegg and underneath that shiny pretend-Tory mask, he is determined to wreck Britain for good and ensure we remain part of the EU wasteland.

Traveller scum finally evicted

Wednesday 19 October 2011 @ 3:35 pm

The Dale Farm pikey scum have finally been kicked out as the last of the protesters were led away, ideally clapped in chains so they can be chucked in jail and taught a lesson.

What I don’t get is why the so-called protesters largely comprised a bunch of good-for-nothing lazy bastard layabouts, no doubt on benefits, with nothing better to do than chain themselves to fences and put their limbs in concrete. Predictably, these losers whined about the riot police coming down hard on them but what the fuck did they expect? They go to Dale Farm to cause a nuisance and obstruct the law, without any good reason, and then moan about getting bashed around a bit.

I for one fully applaud the riot police, especially the front line officers who wasted no time in Tasering the rabble. And as for the rest of the dickhead student anarchist ragtag rent-a-mob, let ’em stay chained up to fences with their scrawny unwashed necks ready to snap if any gates are opened. Nobody cares and they certainly won’t be missed whilst it’ll also have the added advantage of reducing the dole queues and benefits scroungers by a few dozen more people.

Better still, what the Rozzer’s could have done is just turn the water cannon on the mob, give them a good dosing of cold water and attach a few more chains so they don’t go anywhere. It was a nice chilly night and the so-called protesters would soon be wanting to sod off to whichever rock they crawled out from once they realise they’re gonna be freezing cold and hungry for hours on end. Make no mistake, these weekend activists mostly hail from wealthy families and large deatched houses so they are in no mood for a fight once the going gets tough.  Most are just a bunch of dossing trouble-makers begging for a damn good thrashing.

Take the example of the fuckwit who climbed up a telegraph pole and shouted "I’m prepared to die here. If someone tries to get me down, I’ll electrocute myself."

Fine by me boyo, you stay up that fuckin’ telegraph pole and don’t come down, the cops won’t be taking any notice of you either.

Then there’s the benefits scrounging parasite who calls herself Minty Challis who wasted no time in waving a crucifix in front of a burning caravan (set alight by the anarchists of course) as the riot police stormed the illegal camp. If St Minty thought masquarading as Joan of Arc would set up the ideal photo opportunity to elicit any sympathy from anyone, she’s even more stupid than the dickhead perched on top of the telegraph pole.

And let’s not forget the pikey scum travellers themselves in all of this who have occupied an illegal camp for several years causing untold misery, mess and disruption to countless other numbers of honest, hard-working, law abiding tax-payers in and around the area as well as costing the council millions. Here’s a an idea for you all; you’re called travellers for a reason so fuck off and do some travelling, preferably over the side of a cliff. As for the caravan that had "Lady with difficult breathing" painted on it, well simple remedy here, piss off back to Ireland and enjoy the clean fresh air there.

The riot police did a magnificent job and are to be fully applauded in clearing out this illegal encampment of pikey’s, gippo’s, squatters, scroungers and wasters. Well done lads and don’t forget to seize and crush all the shiny new uninsured and untaxed cars whilst you’re at it.

Spineless Government throws McKinnon to the wolves

Tuesday 18 October 2011 @ 3:20 pm

The UK Government has a long and illustrious history of sticking its soiled tongue as far up the backside of the US as possible and enjoys being the willing bitch of any brainless gung-ho Yankee demands, no matter how damaging they are to UK passport holders.

Gary McKinnon managed to hack into NASA computers whilst searching for evidence of UFO’s and the US has repeatedly pressed for his extradition to America where he will no doubt be made an example of and banged up for decades after a rigged trial. Scandalously, the UK government has been more than happy to throw McKinnon to the US wolves and in a show of supreme cowardice, has fully entertained the one-sided extradition treaty signed between Britain and America that gives far more rights and protection to US citizens by allowing the US to demand the extradition of a UK citizen without any evidence whereas for US citizens, the UK most prove that a crime has been committed.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven of a cosy stitch-up between the Blair, Brown and Cameron governments with not one of them prepared to refuse extradition under fear of upsetting their US masters. Whilst America has repeatedly refused to extradite hardened IRA killers and murderers, even going as far as to offer them US citizenship, the UK has no such problems with bending over, removing its pants and getting ready for a damn good buggering if that’s what the US demands.

Even more scandalously, it has left Deputy Dickhead himself Nick Clegg looking even more pathetic than he usually does after he attended a rally in 2009 promising to do whatever he could to halt the extradition. Then again however, this is the same Lib Dem leader who has made more u-turns than a paperclip depot.

The fact is that whilst McKinnon might have bruised a few egos, he certainly hasn’t hurt anyone, nor caused any lasting damage yet he is being treated as if he planned to blow up the White House. And how come the pernicious Human Rights Act, that useless piece-o-shit legislation that the UK is all too eager to ratify for ensuring immigrants, murderers and asylum seekers can’t be deported, has not been used to protect McKinnon?

Contrast that with the case of the odious hook-handed so-called "cleric" Abu Hamza who has used the Human Rights Act to successfully fight deportation to the US for several years. No surprise that the UK government won’t get rid of this useless parasite or the countless other numbers of grasping asylum seekers desperate to stay in the country whilst with McKinnon, presumably because he’s not an immigrant or foreign and thus expendable, the likes of Cameron and Clegg can’t wait to ship him off to America.

Road accidents drop in UAE during BlackBerry outage

Tuesday 18 October 2011 @ 2:52 pm

In news that will surprise nobody who has visited the United Arab Emirates, it has been revealed that during the BlackBerry outage, road accidents in Dubai dropped by 20% whilst neighbouring Abu Dhabi recorded an even more dramatic fall of 40%.

This is to be wholly expected; by and large the local Emirati’s are a bunch of brainless Bedouin buttheads who would have a hard time steering a plodding camel let alone be trusted at the wheels of a dangerous automobile. However, they only make up a tiny minority of the population, especially in Dubai where the majority comprises tax-dodgers, drug dealers, money launderers, pimps, Russian hookers, grasping Indians, alcoholic Arabs, scamming property spivs and other assorted rabble out to make a fast buck in the seamy underworld of Deira.

The UAE used to have some of the most dangerous roads in the world and it’s not difficult to see why. Drive down the Sheikh Zayed Road at any time and you will often be immediately tailgated by some gormless grinning dickhead in a dish-dash driving with one hand firmly clamped to a phone whilst the other is used to pump the horn.

There are laws against driving whilst using a mobile in the UAE but these are largely ignored, much like the wholesale drug dealing and prostitution which the authorities are only too eager to turn a blind eye towards. Make no mistake; Dubai is the sleaze capital of the Middle East and as superficial as the make-up that’s slapped on with a butter knife by the women there.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Etisalat to introduce a permanent daily outage on BlackBerry devices to further reduce road accidents. Mind you, with the crap service that Etisalat provides, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they’d already done this unintentionally.

Random Annoyances: Unnecessary Entertainment During The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Sunday 9 October 2011 @ 3:04 pm

There’s just four weeks to go until the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the annual televisual event that all heterosexual males lust …… I mean look forward to. Only in recent years, it’s steadily been turning into some dreadful all singing, all dancing entertainment crap with less and less focus on hot sexy models parading their stunning bods in skimpy lingerie.

Take the 2010 show for example. Never mind drooling over Alessanda Ambrósio or Adriana Lima in their undies, we were subjected to the likes of Akon warbling away whilst Katy Perry did a gig surrounded by writhing male dancers who looked like they’d just been found in the Blue Oyster Bar. The 2007 show was even worse with the nauseating spectacle of Seal serenading his model wife Heidi Klum who then joined him in a toe-curling embarrassing duet.

And then there’s the constant TV cuts to mindless unnecessary drivel like shots of backstage dress rehearsals, shots of gawping celebrities, shots of whoever is providing the rubbish warm-up "entertainment", shots of the stage, shots of the lights, shots of the building, shots of the fireworks, shots of the crowd, in fact pretty much shots of everything except the close up shots of the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s legs and boobs which is what everyone has really tuned in for.

Mixing the actual fashion show with the performance is also a stupid idea. We don’t want to see the models trying to mingle with the singers or bands whilst sashaying down the runway wearing a thong. Have the organisers got any idea how many guys are out there desperately trying to beat one off only for the camera to pan to Justin fuckin’ Timberlake at the point of no return?

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show needs to either provide an edited version of the show with sexy ass models only or get back to basics; a couple of runway camera’s mounted on rails that follow each model up and down the stage with long lingering panning shots to get the full body and face, no entertainment, no singing, no dancing and definitely no frivolous cuts or TV splices to anything that isn’t hot, female, wearing lingerie and in heels.