Mini Movie Review: Fast Five Rio Heist (2011)

Friday 23 September 2011 @ 3:55 pm

Whilst on board a bus transferring him to prison, Dom is busted out by sister Mia and friend Brian. The trio escape to Rio de Janeiro where they are reunited with ex-crew member Vince who persuades them to take part in a job for Reyes, the local drug kingpin, which involves jacking three exotic cars from a train carrying DEA agents. When the job goes wrong and Mia manages to escape with the prize asset, a top US security team is despatched to find the killers of the DEA agents whilst Reyes instructs his men to recover the car at all costs. With both the US authorities and the local heavies closing in, Dom hatches a plan to steal all of Reyes money and recruits his old crew to carry out the heist.

Fast Five marks a new direction in the Fast & Furious series of movies in that it has less racing and broader action scenes. However, it’s somewhat hampered by Vin Diesel’s stunted delivery and dialogue that stems from saying as little as possible in as few syllables as possible. I don’t think the guy ever utters more than two consecutive sentences.

And the heist part of it is misleading too. If you’re thinking a slick and meticulously planned operation similar to The Italian Job, The Dark Knight, Heat or even the robberies in Beverly Hills Cop 2, you’d be mistaken. The "heist" when it appears is quite possibly the stupidest I have ever seen committed to film. Thankfully, Dwayne Johnson is on hand as the head of the US security team to provide the comic relief although even his fight sequence with Dom is laughably contrived; in the real world The Rock would have eaten Vin Diesel for breakfast.

That’s not to say the film is awful; it’s nice to see the old crew back and it has some good casting but the whole movie is too long, suffers from some ponderous dialogue and with the exception of Gisele (Gal Gadot), doesn’t have any decent eye candy. Not terrible by any means then but honestly, I preferred it when it was more about racing cars than trying to stage feeble bank jobs.

Score: 3/5