Mini Movie Review: Attack The Block (2011)

Sunday 18 September 2011 @ 1:54 pm

It’s Bonfire Night and there’s nothing much going on in a dodgy South London estate except fireworks and the random mugging of a nurse by a group of hoodie wearing kids. A meteorite suddenly crashes into a nearby parked car and the gang investigate, killing a furry alien in the process. Before long, more meteorites are crashing down and the kids join forces with their victim to defend the estate from an alien invasion of "gorilla wolf motherf****rs" whilst also trying to placate the local drug dealer who thinks the gang are out to scam him.

This is a wonderfully playful and very funny old school style movie heavy with slick street slang, stellar performances from an unknown and very young cast and a cracking story that moves along briskly without sugar coating the audience. Despite the initial malevolent intentions of the hoodies, there’s plenty of camaraderie as the kids pull together to save the block and you can’t help but feel empathy for them, especially John Boyega as gang leader Moses who manages the difficult feat of appearing menacing yet vulnerable and compassionate.

Added to this potent mix are some hilarious moments and dialogue, a sense of adventure that harks back to all those scrapes you used to get into as a kid and a funky edgy musical score to remind the audience that they’re watching a Brit flick first and foremost. This directorial debut by Joe Cornish is fast, funny and fresh innit’.

Score: 4/5