Random Annoyances: Obscured Tube Departure Boards

Every Tube platform has a departure board telling you when the next train is due and its destination. Why on earth then, have the stupid useless Underground bosses insisted on placing those damn bulbous advert projectors right in front of the screens to hide the information? No longer can you see the departure board from anywhere on the platform, you have to shuffle up right next to the bloody thing just to find out when the next train is due. Or more likely, by how many minutes it’s been delayed.

Nobody needs adverts on the Tube, we are all busy either ignoring hoodies, doing sudoku, annoying others with our shit music on our cheap tinny earphones, elbowing our way onto a carriage or ogling the talent sitting on the seat opposite. Live adverts are a waste of money, space and money, especially on the Tube where nobody pays attention and where billboards are infinitely preferable.

Oh for a crowbar to pull these big heavy ugly ad projectors down and chuck them at the beancounter who though it was a good idea to place them right in front of the departure boards!

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