Pathetic stupid Americans wallow in self pity of 9/11

Sunday 11 September 2011 @ 11:18 pm

It’s that time of the year again for the annual 9/11 circus to roll into town complete with copious shedding of crocodile tears, false grief and breathtakingly arrogant display of self pity and sympathy entitlement.

Only this time it was much worse given it was the 10th year since the events of 9/11. And so it was that we were all subjected to blanket media coverage of the ceremonies held in New York and across the world with close-up images of people sobbing and crying for their lost loved ones whilst George Bush and the Oba-Messiah looked on solemn faced as if they actually cared about what happened. You can guarantee that if this was any other country with far more loss of innocent life, nobody would give a flying fuck.

The thing that pisses me off, and indeed everyone across the world except stupid Yanks, is that Americans regard themselves as victims and simply can’t and don’t understand why 9/11 happened. To Yanks the world over, 9/11 was a tragedy that came out of the blue with no logical reasoning or motive. The fact that the USA bankrolls the Terrorist State of Israel and has spent the last 30 years trying to dictate foreign policy in the Middle East is lost on the average burger-stuffing ignorant American.

So for them to put on a sob-story show for 9/11 simply smacks of self-gratification, arrogance and contempt for the millions who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan as a direct result of the illegal invasion by Junior Bush.

Don’t except any sympathy over 9/11 from me or the billions of other people who quite rightly hold the view that the USA got everything it deserved for all the millions of people it has murdered the world over.