Random Annoyances: Ring Necked Parakeets

Friday 9 September 2011 @ 11:57 am

Suburban gardens across South England have long been invaded by noisy shrieking Ring Necked Parakeets whose numbers are rapidly increasing. Never mind the splash of green colour or exotic tropical glamour they bring to London, try sleeping during the summer months with the windows open and you are assured to be woken up at 5am by these ugly screeching glowering beaky pests who waste no time in drowning out the soothing birdsong of England’s more pleasant and musical native species.

It’s not just the morning either, quiet summer evenings are ruined when marauding gangs of screaming parakeets decide to roost nearby. No longer do I hear the friendly call of a crow or sweet sound of a sparrow, instead it’s just a hideous screeching din that’s enough to make one storm out and buy an air rifle to pop the little bastards.

Better still, I’m going to get myself a sparrow hawk and start taking back the streets, one tasty meal at a time. Any useless rancid pigeons that get caught will be a bonus!