Worthless scum squatters deserve shooting on sight

Tuesday 6 September 2011 @ 11:15 am

There has been a massive increase across London in the number of houses being taken over by thieving scum squatters, often immigrants, Romanian gippo’s or lazy bastard student spongers. Only in the UK would you have a centuries old stupid fucking law that grants squatter rights to any invading vagrant that see’s fit to break into a house, irrespective of whether or not it’s inhabited.

Scandalously, if the home owner then tries to access their own home, Plod will promptly turn up and arrest the home owner on charges of criminal damage, even though the squatters will have caused the same criminal damage on forcing entry. And don’t think the law will help in getting rid of them quickly either, squatting is classed as a civil offence so a county court order is required for serving eviction notices, a process that can and often takes weeks.

If this was any other sane country, you would be able to march into your own house, beat the shit out of the nearest hippy and give the rest of the fuckers 10 seconds to leave before opening fire. Liberal loving liar David Cameron has pledged to make squatting a criminal offence next year but that will all depend on how many Lib Dumbs he can kick out of bed before then. As with any sane suggestion, it is Nick Clegg’s rabid human rights loving rabble who will be the first to scupper any legislation that gives the sponging dossers a damn good kicking. Plus, SCameron has a long and proud record of breaking promises so anything he says must be taken with a pinch of Euro-approved salt. And let’s not forget the current Justice Secretary is none other than feeble doddery liberal oaf Ken Clarke who much rather prefers murderers, rapists and paedophiles roaming the streets instead of being banged up in prison where they belong.

Meanwhile, it beggars belief that the likes of Judge Fiona Henderson can order Camden Council to provide a list of empty homes and addresses to squatters under a Freedom of Information request by a shit bag organisation known appropriately as ASS or the Advisory Service for Squatters. The stupid fucking dumb bitch went on to declare that squatting is not a crime, is beneficial to the community and that squatters should not be classed as criminals.

Quite rightly, this has caused a huge backlash from honest law abiding citizens who try to make something of themselves by getting a foot on the housing ladder and they have greeted Judge Henderson’s out-of-touch ruling with incredulity and anger, although sadly not with flaming pitchforks and bricks through her windows. How the hell can it be acceptable for a bunch of slack sods to break into anyone’s home, change the locks and then claim squatter’s rights?

Here’s hoping that there is a vacant property next to Judge Fiona Henderson so she can welcome these filthy rat squatters with open arms. Or preferably let them doss in her own house if she is so enamoured by them.