Mini Movie Review: Your Highness (2011)

This supposed comedy has the two sons of a King, one a skilled brave fighter (James Franco) and obvious heir to the throne whilst the other a lazy obnoxious oaf, embarking on a quest to save a fair maiden and prospective bride from the clutches of an evil wizard.

With plenty of material to work with, you would have expected this to be half decent but it isn’t. It’s complete rubbish.

The jokes are crude, crass and about as funny as getting your fingers trapped in a car door. In fact, the best thing about this movie, indeed the only reason you’d want to see it if you’re a guy, is to ogle Natalie Portman who looks suitably hot and smouldering and gets her kit off in a swim scene to reveal a thong, even though it’s a body double. I’m amazed Portman actually agreed to do this crap but at least she has the grace to look suitably embarrassed about it whereas James Franco looks like he’s having a ball.

There are very few films that come across as utter garbage. This unfortunately is one of them.

Score: 0/5


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