Deluded teens think their A level results are marvellous

Time for the annual back-slapping spectacle of thick deluded teens jumping and squealing for joy at thinking they’ve actually worked hard to "achieve" several A* or A grades at A level. Countless numbers of independent studies confirm that A level exams have been getting progressively easier over the last 20 years due to successive Governments’ obsession with dumbing down qualifications to boast about higher pass rates. This is also borne out by several recent comments by companies such as Tesco who noted that today’s teens with supposedly stellar exam results lack even the most basic grasp of English and Math, fundamental skills that you’d expect several years of solid schooling would have imparted.

Truth is that today’s teens are even more stupid than the politically obsessed Government’s who think easier A Levels are the answer to mass youth unemployment. And why is it that virtually all the press reports about exam results inevitably show a gaggle of grinning 6th form girls whooping like idiots and generally acting like they’ve just won the lottery accompanied by a single token shot of two boys trying to man-hug each other without looking gay?

This is not a criticism of the teachers who are doing a sterling job in the face of political meddling. Exams have now been designed not to test a pupil’s aptitude but to tick a box and meet a statistic for the Government to crow about. Teens are as deluded about the worth of their A level grades as they are about expecting to walk into a job paying 40 grand once they graduate with a second class degree in Media Studies.

With tuition fees set to be introduced next year, there was also plenty of pathetic wailing and melodrama after students learned that their seven A Levels at grade A was not enough to bag a place at their first choice university. No surprises there, the explanation is as well signposted as a multiple choice AS level biology exam.

Simply put, teens are being tutored to pass exams and form statistics and not to actually learn anything useful. Faced with a moronic smirking 6th former that has A* in several subjects or an overseas student with 3 solid International Baccalaureate passes, its a no brainer to go for the more gold standard qualification that actually involves hard work and passing an exam which means something tangible in the real world.


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