German French alliance heralds dawn of new European overlords

With markets in freefall this week whilst European dikats devise ever more destructive ways to saddle everyone with even more debt, Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel have hatched a fiendish plan to secure more power by imposing Europe wide taxes for bailing out struggling tinpot economies. The idea is that the risk is spread across everyone in the shitty Eurozone thus ensuring that ordinary taxpayers are liable shell out for bust lazy economies like Greece and Ireland thus allowing the bottomless Euro cesspit fund to be wasted on other pointless schemes to prop up the despised European project.

Power crazed lunatics Sarkozy and Merkel both desperately want to realise a dream of a pan-European wide economic policy with harmonised taxes levied across all member states. And guess which country would end up paying out the most in this harebrained scheme? Yep, dear old Blighty.

As one of the world’s key markets for FX transactions, London would be hit hardest and forced to pay out billions that would threaten its position as a global financial centre. Of course, France and Germany have long envied the Capital for generating the kind of wealth they can only dream of and will do whatever it takes to clip our wings so this is a deliberate ploy by them to grab as much of our meagre cash as possible whilst our Government turns a blind eye.

The whole rotten corrupt Euro project is determined to ram through any changes necessary to save the piece-o-shit Euro. However, don’t expect David Cameron to stand up to this tyranny though, he’s too busy banging his new Liberal bed fellows and kowtowing to their demented ideologies that would much rather have had the UK sell out to Europe back in the 1980’s.


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