Looters deserve tear gas, water cannon and plastic bullets

No surprises to see that the liberal left clowns have started defending the looters, muggers, thieves, burglars, chav scum, wannabe gangsters, yobs, drug dealers and thugs responsible for the riots breaking out across London. The Guardian reading twits have wasted no time in whining about police brutality and tactics as the major contributing factor to the escalation of violence.

Personally, I think a bit of police brutality is exactly what’s needed instead of the wishy-washy Met that seems to be more concerned with being politically correct than it does policing the mean streets of London. You can thank Labour for this mess through a toxic combination of increasing paperwork and bureaucracy for even the most minor of offences, diverting vital funds away to pet projects like diversity and cultural awareness in the force and appointing successive patsy Met Commissioners like Sir Ian Blair who insisted proper police work involved holding picnics for gippos and ignoring petty crime in favour of "reaching out" to the community.

Critics have demanded that the police take back control of the streets but then bleat about the use of tear gas, plastic bullets and water cannon. How exactly do you expect the rozzer’s to claim the streets back without swift and rapid law enforcement? I say screw the bloody critics, get armed police on the case and then just watch how quickly these feckless rioters scarper back to their ghetto’s and sink estates. Furthermore, enforce a curfew and then shoot any looters on sight. No ifs, no buts, just zero tolerance of any trouble making scum who think they own the streets. Anyone who gets caught should be locked up for a minimum of 5 years.

As for the feckless dickhead who sparked off all the riots, Mark Duggan was a gun carrying drug dealer who fully deserved to get shot by the police.


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