Phone hacking scandal a diversion from the real issues at hand

MP’s and the press are up in arms about the News Of The World phone hacking scandal that has quickly turned into a Murdoch witch-hunt. The BBC can scarcely contain its glee at having a golden opportunity to clip Murdoch’s wings and has wasted no time in leading its hourly news bulletins with the type of grave faced seriousness typically reserved for announcing the Queen is on her deathbed.

This whole scandal is overblown and simply a crafty Westminster diversion from the more serious and pressing matters at hand that demand real debate and investigation and most importantly, proper honest hard work which politicians are experts at avoiding.

Most taxpayers couldn’t care less if a gaggle of third rate MP scum and a bunch of self-satisfied mouldy celebrities have their phones hacked. In the same week that the House of Conmen rigorously debated the issue, financial markets were on edge as the useless EU was busy throwing yet more money at the lazy Greek bums with a real threat of default causing chaos around the world. Meanwhile, the Libyan war rumbles on, the crackpot Taliban dickhead mullahs are still bombing their way to victory, inflation is rampant and record energy rises have ensured another miserable winter ahead for pensioners who will be forced to choose between eating and heating.

That the likes of David Scameron and Red Ed can get on their soapboxes and demand an enquiry over this trifling nonsense beggar’s belief, especially since there was no such furore over far more serious misdemeanours like unfettered immigration or the mess Labour has left the country in or the illegal invasion of Iraq or even Gordon Brown’s wholesale robbery from UK pensions?

Why was their no such enthusiasm from Westminster over investigating MP expenses and all the one thousand and one other corrupt fraudulent activity that routinely goes on in the House of Conmen? How come the dishonourable money grabbing members across all parties are not so vocal or vociferous about pulling us out of the shitty EU? Where is the debate about foreign owned utility companies holding the UK to ransom over sky-high gas and electricity prices (you can thank Labour for that one)?

And never mind banging on about News International, lets have an investigation into how the BBC uses license fee money to abuse its monopoly of radio, Internet and TV channels.

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