Corrupt oily sleaze toad Keith Vaz heads up phone hacking enquiry

The real issue at the centre of the News Of The World phone hacking scandal is not who did what to whom and when but why a corrupt sleazy bent bastard like Keith Vaz can head up the committee and pretend to take the moral high ground when this disgusting puffed-up pompous toad has already been caught fiddling expenses, handing out passports, befriending crooked lawyers and generally being up to his fat greasy neck in grubby self-enriching backroom deals, including one involving a spa linked to News International.

Of all the bent corrupt muppet’s you could choose from to investigate sleaze, and Parliament has more than enough to start a third world dictatorship, Keith Vaz is absolutely the last person on any shortlist. Why the slimy fat useless oaf hasn’t yet been kicked out of office just goes to show how rotten our Parliament has become when the likes of Vaz are allowed to head up an enquiry, without any shred of hypocrisy, concerning public standards and codes of conduct.


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