Deluded public sector workers go on strike against pension reforms

The largest series of strikes for over a decade are in full swing with teachers, air traffic control, border officers, court officials and customs and excise staff all protesting over the proposed pension reforms that will see their contributions rise and benefits cut. Frankly, I’ll be surprised if anyone notices there is a strike on given the laziness and inefficiency of most public sector workers.

However, I see this both ways both for and against the strikers.

Firstly, our puffed up pompous grasping MP’s are prepared to lecture and patronise others about pension reforms when they themselves have repeatedly voted in favour of more generous gold plated pensions and perks for every dishonourable member of the House of Conmen. This is hypocrisy of the worst kind but then again, what would you expect from a bunch of two-bob chancers on the fiddle? Lets see MP numbers cut by 30%, MP salaries cut by 20%, no generous tax-free payoffs or golden hello’s,  goodbye’s, fuck off’s, whatever and lets see MP pensions first in line for cuts by first switching to an annuity scheme and secondly, by ensuring the thieving bastards contribute to their own pensions using their own money instead of taxpayer cash.

On the other hand, public sector workers are deluded if they think pension reforms are unnecessary or unfair. I didn’t hear any of them screaming, shouting or protesting when bastard fuckwit Gordon Brown raided private pensions to the tune of £100bil back in 1997. McBruin is directly responsible for the mess we are in and totally destroyed one of the finest private pension schemes in the world so he could prop up the public sector with lavish benefits. Where were the public sector shouts of protest when private pension members were busy getting shafted by Labour?

The result of this is that each household has to pay thousands from their own pocket to prop up public sector pensions. These absolutely have to be reformed and cut to the bone so don’t expect any sympathy from me.

And for those public sector worker’s who wish to protest, direct your ire at banks that went bust or the MP’s lavish benefits and perks followed by your own chiefs and union leaders whose gold plated pensions mean you all have to work harder and longer so the rich can get richer.


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