Opera browser finally gets it right

The latest Opera browser (version 11.50) has been released and after years of having missed out one tiny yet vital feature, Opera FINALLY has implemented control-click to open a new tab in the background. This feature is standard on all other browsers yet has inexplicably and stupidly been left out of Opera for far too long thus deterring thousands of potential new users.

And that’s not all, the interface has been tweaked so it’s more customisable and cleaner with a nicer and more intuitive user experience. The number of available widgets is growing and the memory footprint has been reduced as has the cold start time. Best of all though, there is hardware acceleration support for older machines running Windows XP, something none of the other browsers have bothered to implement.

The net result is a super quick, super sleek and blazingly super fast browsing experience that currently surpasses anything else out there. I’ve been a Firefox user for many years but it’s now definitely time to switch to Opera.


One Response to Opera browser finally gets it right

  1. j7n says:

    I miss the time when Opera could honestly be called fast. The immense bloat of JavaScript and complex layouts found on most web pages easily brings the browser to its knees now.

    Opera is still my primary web browser. I spent quite a while tuning Firefox 27 to my liking, which included digging into about:config and searching the knowledge base. How is that a good “UX” and Discoverability, eh?

    This way I removed the close buttons that otherwise appear on each tab and could be pressed by accident. Sill, Firefox is missing an important shortcut that I use in Opera. Shift-clicking a tab does not close it. I use this a lot. The large shift key is easy to find on almost any keyboard, and I have the entire tab surface to click on.

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