EU and China throw money at pointless second Greek bailout

The EU has decided to save the useless lazy Greeks yet again and throw money at the Greek economy rather than risk letting the shitty Euro collapse. This is despite the widely agreed consensus that Greece will inevitably default yet again and end up pulling out of the Euro, hopefully triggering a collapse that will take the entire fucking EU machine with it along with all the thieving bastards in Brussels including the odious Neil Kinnock, a corrupt EU lickspittle whose name is the very definition of snout-in-the-trough champagne socialist.

China however has also vowed to keep buying Euro government bonds to prop up the ailing Euro in a move which not only buys them influence and power but also makes a mockery of the UK foreign aid policy that gives millions every year to the Chinese.

In other words, spineless David Cameron and his bunch of scamming Euro loving pigs give money to China who then use it to support the Euro, in turn allowing lazy feckless scrounging Greeks to keep their slacker lifestyle at our expense.

If Greece really wants to save its economy and pay off its debts, they might want to start by clamping down on their bone idle workers who are quite content to sit on their lazy fat backsides all day for 2 hours work and then look forward to retiring at 50 with a gold plated index linked pension.

For the rest of us, we can only hope that Greece does indeed go under and kills the despised Euro dictatorship project stone cold dead.


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