Useless UK Border Agency grants amnesty to all illegals

In news that will surprise nobody and indeed enrage many, it has emerged that the shambolic UK Border Agency, motto "all illegal’s welcome", has knowingly allowed thousands of asylum seekers to remain in the UK effectively granting an amnesty simply because officials couldn’t be bothered to deal with the backlog of cases.

It’s no wonder that bogus immigrants are lining up across the Channel to risk life and limb to reach treasure island UK where they have as much chance of being forcibly removed as a gang of MP’s busy fiddling their expenses. Any other sane country concerned with protecting its borders, France or Australia for example, would have deployed their army onshore and offered up target practise by encouraging the soldiers to shoot the scamming conning invading foreign bastardos.

Meanwhile back here in Blighty, the taxpayer is left to pick up the bill as blinkered courts presided over by doddery senile old judges rule that asylum seekers human rights must not be abused and that queues of refugees must be given a home complete with an exciting array of taxpayer funded benefits and accompanying translation in a million languages. Oh, and don’t forget their extended family and dozens of kids who must all be placed at the head of the queue for entry to the local school.

Fuck the human rights of the asylum seekers, what about the rights of those who were born here and have contributed all their life? Why is it that no Government will acknowledge the UK has a serious problem with immigration, a topic high on the list of concerns that the majority of voters have?

Answer, because David Cameron has already said he is "the natural heir to Tony Blair" and we all know how that two-faced New Labour rat bastard sold us out to the EU as well as dragged us into an illegal war and made every effort to ensure the UK is finished by encouraging waves of illegal immigration, all aided and abetted by the despised Human Rights Act that was specifically designed by the EU to shaft the UK whilst other member states openly flout the rules.

The solution to the problem is simple to everyone but the shysters in the House of Conmen who are all too busy stealing taxpayer cash to do an honest days work; huge fines for lorries carrying illegal’s across the border and immediately deport anyone found to be here who shouldn’t be. No ifs, no buts, no fuckin’ human rights crap, put them on board the next plane out of the UK or stick them on a ship in the middle of the sea and hold them there instead of giving them a comfy hotel with Playstations and gourmet menus.

However, don’t expect Cameron to do anything different, he is as big a liar as Blair and Brown and in some cases worse in that he pretends to be a Tory but secretly loves being in a coalition Government where he can bunk up with his natural bedfellows, the Lib Dumbs. Cameron claims he wants to reduce immigration to the tens of thousands which is a bare faced lie. Him and his ragtag crew of turncoat Tories have already had 12 months to deal with the issue and eagerly ducked it with all the expectation of an MP caught fiddling expenses and bleating "it was within the rules".

For the rest of us, we’re stuck with years of more unlimited immigration, more shambolic initiatives, more tax increases and more incompetence served up with relish by the UK Border Agency.


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