Mini Movie Review: Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides (2011)

The fourth instalment of this popular franchise has Captain Jack Sparrow under the command of Blackbeard searching for the Fountain of Youth. Blackbeard’s daughter and Jack’s former lover, Angelica is also along for the ride together with Captain Barbossa who is now a privateer in the service of the British Navy.

The last two POTC movies were pretty rubbish with convoluted and frankly ridiculous plots that served no purpose other than to advance to the next tired set action piece. Thankfully, this fourth offering is a lot better and even manages to give the first movie a run for its money.

Jack is back to his charismatic and wily best rather than an eccentric idiot as in the previous two films and there’s more emphasis on the characters and telling an enjoyable story rather than trying to patch together a load of action scenes with the bare minimum of thread. Keith Richards makes another cameo, one that is far better than in the last movie, and there’s also a good turn from Richard Griffiths as a grumpy King George II.

The film is a shade longer than is necessary with most of the best laughs reserved for the last 5 minutes but don’t let that put you off. Everything moves along briskly and it’s a damn sight better than the other two sequels. In short, a welcome return for Jack and the crew.

Score: 4/5


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