Chiselling crook Lord Taylor gets slap on the wrist and derisory jail sentence

Lying thieving fraudster Lord Taylor of Warwick has been found guilty of fiddling his expenses in a scam that netted the Tory peer more than £11k. Taylor tried desperately to lie his way out of a conviction and claimed his actions were justified because "everyone else was doing it", a defence that merits as much scorn as the derisory 12 month jail sentence handed down by the useless judge. He should have been banged up for a minimum of 5 years with no get-out-early clause for good behaviour but as always, it’s one rule for the pigs and another for everyone else.

That takes the list of scapegoats to five in total out of hundreds more MP’s and peers that are getting away with daylight robbery at the expense of the taxpayer. These five hapless swindlers have been offered up as sacrificial lambs so the rest of the filthy fiddling swine at Westminster can carry on feeding at the trough.

What’s particularly galling is that robbing scumbag Taylor will be out in much less than 12 months with his title intact and most probably a directorship of some sort in lieu of "expenses lost". Makes you proud to be British that we can export democracy around the world yet retain an upper and lower house stuffed full of chiselling crooks.


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