Osbourne in cahoots with Darling over UK sell-out to despised EU

It is beginning to emerge that Alistair Darling, former Chancellor and professional lick spittle to Gordon Brown, signed the UK up to the wretched EU bailout con with the full blessing of George Osbourne, thus guaranteeing that regardless of whoever won the election, the UK would still be forced to hand over billions of pounds in aid to help tinpot economies like Greece.

Georgie Boy has so far claimed that he did not agree with Captain Darling over signing the deal and warned the useless Scot that doing so was not in the UK’s best interests but it now appears that he was in cahoots with Darling all along and readily agreed that it was the right thing to do.

It just goes to show that the UK political landscape has been watered down to such a degree that all these lying MP shysters are exactly the same; fully of empty broken promises and hell-bent on selling us down the river to their dictatorial EU masters. So much for the supposedly Euro-sceptic Tory’s putting British rights first and foremost, remember, we’re all in this together no matter who is fiddling their expenses in the House of Conmen.


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