Give us the referendum we REALLY want

With the referendum on AV fast approaching, I’m still in two minds as to how I will vote. On the one hand, First-Past-The-Post is decisive and simple. On the other hand the Alternative Vote would go some way to ensuring bone-idle useless MP’s (which is all of them) in safe seats could be chucked out as a majority of at least 50% is required.

The bad thing with First-Past-The-Post is that it only leaves you with the two main parties to vote for with the same tired old predictable election campaigns and broken promises because none of the other parties have a chance to win. First-Past-The-Post also allows Government’s to be formed with a minority of votes and if you are in a constituency with a huge majority and want the other candidate to win, your vote is effectively wasted.

However, there are only three countries in the whole world that use the Alternative Vote; Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. And of those Australia is looking to return back to First-Past-The-Post. Then there’s the astronomical cost of implementing the new system and the fact that AV can’t be explained in one simple sentence. Although the LibDumbs pressed for electoral reform, they really wanted Proportional Representation so even they are not so keen on AV.

Ultimately it boils down to this; it’s all a load of bollocks designed to specifically deflect arguments away from the REAL referendum that EVERYONE wants which is the one that gives us the vote to leave the despised EU.


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