Random Annoyances: Commuters With Water Bottles

Last time I checked, we here in the UK lived in a temperate climate with all four seasons including wet and windy and the added bonus of 50% more precipitation during summer. However, that hasn’t stopped ever increasing numbers of female commuters from carrying huge water bottles on board public transport and taking a sip every five minutes as if we’re in the middle of the bloody Sahara and might perish with thirst unless sufficiently sated.

Ladies, it’s not a magic potion that’ll make you thin, there is absolutely no need to sit there annoying everyone by rummaging around desperately for your water bottle, unscrewing the cap, taking a swig, screwing the cap back on again, shoving the bottle back into your suitcase sized handbag and then repeating every two mins. You’re not fooling anyone with your pathetic attempts to look either healthy or sporty. And we certainly don’t want to see or hear you noisily slurping down your liquid as if you’ve just completed a 5-day trek in the outback with little to no sustenance.

The same goes for men too, get a grip and butch up for goodness sake, you are supposed to be guys not lettuces that need a copious drenching of water during a 15 minute commute.


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