Screw the useless money wasting census

With the UK bankrupt and busy going to hell in a handcart, the Government has insisted that the useless census crap is completed by all households. Leaving aside that the grossly expensive contract was awarded to American war-mongers Lockheed Martin, the fact that in these austere times we are being forced to complete this piece-o-shit survey with the threat of a £1,000 fine enforced by an army of busybodies just goes to show how determined this tinpot liberal loving Government really is to waste public funds.

For the 2010 intrusion, the Government has made an extra special effort to get all manner of non-essential information so that taxes can be quickly hiked. Take for example the question demanding information about your central heating. Why the fuck does any Government need to know what type of central heating you have? I’ll tell you why; so they can screw us all over by hatching ever more inventive and exciting new ways to tax us with "climate change" scams in the name of “forward planning”.

Then there’s the cost of administering the whole fucking thing which is some £400mil, money that could be far better spent on more worthwhile and productive initiatives instead of handing over everyone’s personal details to an American firm notorious for selling weapons to dodgy Governments. And that is if the information even gets there, with the Royal Mail losing millions of letters every year and our lousy Government’s record on data protection, don’t be at all surprised if, after the inevitable ministerial laptop goes missing, the records of 20 millions Brits suddenly surfaces on eBay with a starting bid of £2.99 (or nearest offer).

Critics claim that the census is vital for efficient planning in the next decade.


Think back to the last census you completed in 2001, who here can honestly say that things have improved immeasurably since then? We still have overcrowded trains, NHS waiting lists, insufficient housing, classrooms full to the brim and clogged motorways where it’s enough to keep the potholes filled never mind keeping traffic flowing.

Gullible Brits handed over a mountain of information to the Labour Government who wasted no time in making the UK the most spied upon country in the world complete with an army of tax raising laws to fill the Treasury coffers. And I don’t care about leaving a snapshot to be pored over by excited idiots in 100 years time, I’ll be dead by then and couldn’t give a monkey’s.

Finally, we have the thousands of box-ticking non-job cretins who have been given orders to harass, bully and intimidate the 7 million households that have quite rightly ignored the pointless census. This shower of prying meddling snoopers complete with stinking badges will be hiding out in the bushes ready to patronise and catch those who have so far refused to complete the Governments Official Agenda For Severely Increasing Taxes.

Don’t bother answering the door to these interfering fools and if confronted, just tell them to sod off and do something useful like empty the bins or audit the local Government offices where you are assured there will be ample opportunities to make significant cost savings (start by sacking the senseless census police and follow it up with the unnecessary chief execs).


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