Arab League of Hypocrisy

With the commencement of the West’s bombing campaign against Gadaffi, it’s no surprise to see the useless Arab League pop up in an ultra rare moment of unison urging that the Libyan madman be ousted for good.

Let’s just consider the level of hypocrisy here; a bunch of wealthy, unelected, dictatorial, feeble-minded, autocratic despots who couldn’t agree on a cup of coffee have banded together to demand the West gets rid of a wealthy, unelected, dictatorial, feeble-minded autocratic despot because they can’t be bothered to do it themselves.

The Arab League has long been renowned as a bickering quasi-political body organised along cultural rather than purely geographical lines with the sole aim of wasting everyone’s time. All the Arab League serves to do is occasionally meet up, argue about nothing in particular, agree to disagree among themselves, usually accompanied with at least one mandatory storming out, and then issue the type of mealy-mouthed, woolly sound bite that has about as much impact as a dandelion seed floating off into the wind.

Gadaffi has been around for decades and none of these useless squabbling idiots had any problem with him then. It’s telling that it takes Western action to oust an Arab dictator in their own backyard before the Arab league decided to support the initiative. Yet they still haven’t sent in their own military, preferring instead to offer "logistical" support.

There has never been a single action from the Arab League that has ever achieved any form of useful objective including the ill-fated attack on the terrorist state of Israel, a right royal f**k-up if ever there was that made a laughing stock of the Arab nations who couldn’t organise a fight in a playground let alone attempt to throw their weight around on the world stage.

These spineless Arab nations are largely at the beck and call of the US and as long as there’s protection from the West plus the safeguard of vital oil supplies, nothing will change. If they really want to get rid of the terrorist state of Israel, give the Americans a kicking and take charge of their own political destiny, start by turning off the damn oil taps.


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