Pathetic 1p cut in fuel duty helps nobody

With the UK bankrupt thanks to 13 years of robbing taxes gleefully raised by Gordon Brown and then squandered on non-jobs in the public sector, there were no surprises in the 2011 budget including the pathetic token gesture of 1p off fuel duty. Millionaire Chancellor George Osborne is as stupid as he looks if he thinks the UK electorate is fooled by this latest Tory scam.

Predictably, the press was soon crowing about the 1p cut as if the Government had announced that everyone would suddenly be given a large suitcase of cash to blow on strippers. What really grates though is when so-called economists and financial "experts" bang on about this being a real cut of 6p due to the April planned rise of 5p in fuel duty being postponed.

How the f**k can a 5p levy not yet enforced and then shelved (not scrapped) amount to a 6p tax cut? A paltry 1p reduction in fuel duty will save all of about 50p per tankful. Only in real terms it won’t since Boy George already hiked fuel duty a few months ago with the 20% rise in VAT so we’re all paying even more than before. And on top of all this, the useless Chancellor has the gall to say he’s bringing relief for motorists.

Never mind a 1p cut in fuel duty Georgie Boy, how about scrapping the ring-fenced foreign aid and using the cash for the locals instead of lining the pockets of the latest corrupt African dictator in need of a new Merc?

The 1p cut in fuel duty was supposed to take effect at 6pm and as usual, the scumbag forecourts hiked prices by 3p during the afternoon and then cut them by a penny in the evening. That is, those garages that could be bothered, there were plenty that haven’t even passed on the 1p cut and have no intention of doing so.

A real cut of at least 20p in fuel duty is required, easily funded by scrapping the 10 billion foreign aid nonsense and pulling out of the EU that costs us 4bil a day with bugger all to show for it except the despised Human Rights Act. Tackle those two elephants in the room and we’ll even have enough left over to blow on strippers.


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