Khalifa bastards no different than mad bastard Gadaffi (but there’s no oil in Bahrain)

With the West out in force showing mad bastard Gadaffi who is boss, don’t expect any intervention in Bahrain or Yemen or Syria or anywhere else where there is little to no commercial interest other than selling the tinpot dictators more weapons with which to slaughter innocent civilians.

David SCameron has been strutting around the world stage crowing about how the UK must intervene in Libya despite having only weeks ago decimated our armed forces through cutbacks. Indeed, the Royal Navy frigate sent to Tripoli to collect hapless scrounging Brits waiting for a free ride back to Blighty is one such vessel that will soon be dumped.

Of course, SCameron and the Oba-Messiah are only interested in bombing Libya because of the oil and commercial interests there and the fact that Gadaffi, through his own actions, has become an international pariah. To them, Gadaffi is, quite rightly, a mad bastard but when it comes to their other Arab chums in the Gulf, the likes of the Khalifa and House of Saud dictatorships are all right-on staunch Western political allies who are the very model of decency, fairness and democratic government.

Truth is that the corrupt lying Khalifa dogs are all a bunch of bastards just like the corrupt lying House of Saud and just like mad bastard Gadaffi. The difference though is that the Khalifa and Saudi bitches are too busy buying weapons and arms from the West which is why the US and UK turn a blind eye to the routine brutal oppression, complicit torture and false imprisonment of hundreds of innocent civilians that is part and parcel of daily life in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

The hypocrisy stinks and as long as the West continues to support and prop up these tyrannical puppet Arab governments that are intent on denying true freedom, liberty and democracy to their civilians, there can only be increased volatility in the Middle East.


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