iPad 2 draws in the gullible suckers

Well the iPad 2 is out and the same hoards of nodding Apple automatons who queued up the first time round less than a year ago have been queuing up overnight in the US to get their hands on the latest .1 upgrade of a typically overpriced and overrated piece of Apple kit.

Top of the list of early adopter halfwits was a Frenchman called Frederick who had jetted in especially for the dubious occasion, waited 17 hours outside the store in Manhattan and then minutes after it opened, emerged clutching his star prize and grinning like an idiot before heading back to the airport to catch the next flight back to France.

What kind of fool would waste all that money for a return flight just to be first in line to pay a premium on something that costs 50% more than a laptop yet is less than half as useful? Honestly people, get a grip FFS and quit thinking the iPad is some kind of revolutionary device, it isn’t and all you are doing is confirming how stupid you are for having fallen for the Apple marketing spin with its bumper price tag.


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