Bahrain protests intensify as useless royals sit idle

Since the government killed 7 peace protestors, the situation in Bahrain has turned ugly as government sanctioned thugs and mobs roam the streets to attack and beat up any of the peace activists who, despite the violence meted out, insist on being unarmed.

In a sign of increasing frustration at the refusal of the government to resign, peace protestors occupied the main highway leading to Bahrain’s financial district. Meanwhile, clueless pro-government brain-dead fools who have nothing better to do than try to get to work complained bitterly about the disruption.

Once such non-Arab non-Bahraini flaunting her passport and bitching about the protesters was 30 year old Sawsan Mohammed who complained "No one was able to go to work today. Thugs and protesters were blocking the highway. I am upset that Bahrain is no longer a stable place".

Well then love, I suggest you f**k off back to whichever country you came from then and don’t bother returning. Oh, and leave the passport on your way out, those are for pure-blood Bahraini’s only, not turncoat Arab wannabe’s like you desperate to get in the GCC.

Meanwhile, 25 year old Dana Nasser, another ignorant non-Bahraini who thinks she belongs there on account of having won the passport in a free raffle open to all immigrants, said "I blame the protesters for what’s happened in Bahrain today".

Wrong again stupid, you can blame your precious Jordanian, Syrian and Pakistani police force for any disruption, the peace protestors did not block any roads or highways until the shit-for-brains donkey police confronted them and began to fire rubber bullets and tear gas at unarmed women and children.

It makes me sick to see the fat idle bastard Khalifa’s sitting idle whilst giving the order for their foreign police force to fire on unarmed Bahraini civilians. All these useless alcohol drinking, womanising, feckless, incompetent Royals who infest the Gulf countries need to be cast down and booted out for good.

And if that means being booted out with a bullet to the head, fine by all of us.


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