Mini Movie Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)

Carrying on from where Resident Evil: Extinction ended, this starts off with Alice (Milla Jovovich) infiltrating the Umbrella headquarters in Tokyo to take revenge against the head of the Umbrella corporation who promptly manages to escape. Six months later, Alice is searching for the safe haven of Arcadia and stumbles across Claire Redfield who was bundled off to safety at the end of the previous film.

The two travel to Los Angeles where they find a group of survivors holed up in a prison surrounded by thousands of zombies. When a radio message from Arcadia is received promising a safe refuge free from disease, the group plan an escape as the zombies find a way into the prison.

After the promising first 10 minutes set in Tokyo, it’s rapidly downhill from there. Let me say straight away that Resident Evil: Afterlife is the worst of all the Resident Evil flicks. For a zombie movie, there’s precious little zombie action present and egotistical director Paul W. S. Anderson is obsessed with stupidly juvenile slow-mo action sequences that were outdated in 2001 let alone in 2010. And so it is that every single action scene has an element of slow-mo to it so we can revel in the glory of Alice dodging bullets, Alice climbing walls, Alive showing of her hot bod, Alice performing gymnastics and Alice pulling off cheap and poor imitations of the type of impossible moves that The Matrix nailed 10 years ago.

It’s not Milla Jovovich’s fault, she does a fine job with the mediocre material she’s given but the severe lack of zombies and all the pigheaded slow motion nonsense completely ruins the movie. Resident Evil Extinction is still the best of the lot by a huge mile.

Score: 2/5


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