Mini Movie Review: Devil (2010)

This modern day supernatural thriller is a simple tale of five people trapped in a lift, one of whom is the Devil in human form. As the security team cut and then restore the power to try and fix the problem, one of the group is killed in what looks like a freak accident. A detective investigating a suicide at the same building is soon on the case and discovers that he can only communicate to the group through a security camera that has no audio from the lift. Events turn more frightening though as each person is brutally killed off one-by-one and the survivors become increasingly paranoid as to exactly who is trapped in the lift with them.

Running at a brisk pace that never outstays its welcome, Devil is not a scary movie by any means and doesn’t employ the standard "screeching violin at key moment" type sound effect for a cheap thrill. It is however a creepy movie, one that sits in that uncomfortable area between reality and the supernatural which is why it works and works well. The ending won’t be of surprise to anyone and there’s no shocking twist to the conclusion but rather a gentle reminder that remorse and forgiveness lies on the road to redemption.

Score: 4/5


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